Wenatchee Wild

Comments from Billet Families

From The Harris Family

If you are worried about bringing a kid into your home, don't.  These hockey players are young men that are polite and driven towards a goal.  Our experience has been completely rewarding.  Not only do we house three of the players, but often ask many of them over for dinners and/or get-togethers.  They are fun to be around and have made us part of a bigger family... the Wenatchee Wild family.

Mike & Bets Harris

From The Woodwards

I would say that last year was just a magical year for us.  We had great hockey to watch all season, and a wonderful group of kids streaming through the house from August to May.  It completely took the doldrums out of winter.  Best of all, now we have new, extended family in Michigan.

Too slurpy?  But it is all true.

From Jana Roy

I have been involved with hockey in the valley for 25+ years. Team mom,
team manager, hockey player's wife, hockey player's mom of a boy and a
girl, scorekeeper, penalty box keeper, hockey player, off-ice official
etc. When I was approached about being a billet I had my reservations.
I knew about teenage hockey players, the amount of food they eat and how
they smell, what I didn't expect was how quickly these boys from all
over the country and world would steal your heart. I didn't expect to
become the "other mother" and how my kids would include them as their
"other brother". These players have become part of our family and the
community. They do not just visit but they contribute to this valley in
a huge and positive way. If you have reservations, don't, you become
part of a bigger family, the Wenatchee Wild family. It has been an
awesome 2 years and I look forward to 2010-2011.

From the Kriskovic Family

We are so blessed to have this opportunity to help support our local team. We have created lasting friendships that we otherwise would not have had. Our experience was nothing but joyful. These boys not only come into our homes but into our hearts. Love our Junior, Jeff and Andrew. They are part of our family!