Wenatchee Wild


To Whom It May Concern,
   Bill Stewart brought to Northern Colorado and specifically Johnson's Corner the opportunity to become affiliated, as a Corporate Sponsor, with the Colorado Eagles CHL Hockey Team during their inception in 2003.  Bill personally pesented to our organization the concept, vision and opportunities that the Eagles held for potential sponsors such as us.  Johnson's Corner is a world recognized and regional icon in the food and travel sectors.  With this we are very careful to only partner with the highest quality marketing endeavors.  Bill created for us a level of involvement that we have never seen with any other marketing concept, and still use as a template for all programs that we become involved in.  We have become not just a sponsor but have become a partner with the  Eagles in programs that reach out and benefit our surrounding communities.  Bill helped to create a hockey organization that is unrivaled as a success story.

   We are completing our fifth year as a Corporate Sponsor/partner of the Eagles and this bears testimony to the success that Bill had a direct hand in creating.  Bill's abilities, character and vision are second to none.  I cannot speak any higher or recommend any greater than Bill Stewart.  His impact upon the Northern Colorado communities with his involvement in bringing the Eagles to this area will have lasting benefits and is almost impossible to quantify.  Without hesitation and with great honor, I offer myself up to speak with anyone concerning my endorsement of BIll and the organization that he helped to create.

Chauncey Taylor
President and General Manager